We're Only Family If You Say So (Vinyl)

We're Only Family If You Say So (Vinyl)


The Rough & Tumble's latest album, We're Only Family If You Say So, is coming 2.19.2021. And for the first time, you can get The R&T on vinyl!

**Please note that vinyl will be delivered AFTER the release date, and includes a digital download.**

Written before, during, and after a brutal family severance, and recorded in December 2019 in East Nashville with engineer/producer Dave Coleman. We're Only Family If You Say So speaks to the importance of holding your loved ones dear, and keeping others at safer boundaries. Oscillating between the raw anger of the opening single "You Took Your Turn," the bittersweet hope of "You're Not Going Alone," to the tongue-in-cheek "Nothing Broke My Heart," the new album will keep you on your toes and let you sink into an array of beautiful broken heartedness at once.

Vinyl orders have an expected fulfillment date of late Spring 2021.