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The R&Tea


An R&Tea exclusive!

Earlier this year, we found a tiny tea shop in New Mexico and picked up a tea that had a wild flavor that also nurtured our throats for singing. We ran out of it in Michigan, and couldn't find anything to replace it. Until we walked into Global Infusion in Grand Rapids, MI. We told the owner, Joana, all about this tea-- the flavor, the feeling, the strange mix of chai and rose and holy basil. How it felt so soothing without being medicinal. How it calmed down our throats, but also woke up our taste buds.

And, by golly, she did it. She recreated it down to a... well, down to a TEA! Plus some. We had so much fun making it together, her mixing while we smell-checked, that she named it The Rough & Tumble blend. We love it so much, we asked her to concoct it for YOU, too. That's tea for two, or three, or 15, as each 1oz bag can make 15+ servings, all in a cute compostable package.

We hope it takes you from the deserts of New Mexico to the woods of New Hampshire, and everywhere in between. It's all herbal, so you can enjoy it any time of the day. We use it as a calm morning opener, an on stage ritual, and a night time treat.

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