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PREORDER: The Lullafrights


Coming October 2, 2020.

Fear. Safety. Control.

These are the stories we tell before bed, before eyes are closed, before one picks up the phone or wades too far into the river. Well-meaning. Well spoken.

But what happens if the stories themselves get away from us? What happens if the don't-you-cry's and go-to-sleep's are only the secret password for letting these monsters into our dreams?

Welcome to The LullaFrights, a tale that's eating itself from tongue to tail around the world, a startling place under the covers that forces you into the question:

What Story is Controlling You?

OPTION 1: Be Good, Little Children: The Lullafrights, Vol. I CD + download code.
Want to barely open the closet door and peak in? We understand. It can be scary in there. Here's your chance to get all 8 brand new spooky tunes on CD. LIMITED SUPPLY. $8.

OPTION 2: Be Good, Little Children: The Lullafrights, Vol. I BOOK+CD+download code.
A deep dive into the unknown, the unwilling, and the unstable. This 30 page hand bound booklet takes a closer look into the creepy characters collected in the Lullafrights. Illustrated & written & handmade by The Rough & Tumble. LIMITED SUPPLY. $20

OPTION 3: LullaPrints. 8 hand stamped ~9" x ~6" on sturdy watercolor paper. Includes all characters on Volume 1 of Be Good, Little Children + download code. $20.