PREORDER: Only This Far (Vinyl Record)

PREORDER: Only This Far (Vinyl Record)


NOTE THAT VINYL HAS BEEN DELAYED. Expected arrival date in June 1, 2023.

PREORDERS available (and appreciated) now! Official Release Date: May 12, 2023.

Only This Far, the latest in The Rough & Tumble discography, is a collection of songs about acceptance of place and time. On the heels of We're Only Family If You Say So, the upcoming record is a display of forgiveness when none was asked for, and the way time may not heal wounds, but transforms them. As with previous releases, the record is a balance of upbeat, catchy earworms and heart twisting turns-of-phrase.

The full length 12-song album was recorded in East Nashville, TN with Dave Coleman. Players and specials guests feature Telisha & Doug Williams, Alice Wallace, Chris Benelli, & Zach Vinson.

Vinyl is printed with Kindercore in Athens, GA.