Only This Far (Vinyl Record)

Only This Far (Vinyl Record)


NOTE THAT VINYL HAS BEEN DELAYED. Expected arrival date in June 1, 2023.

PREORDERS available (and appreciated) now! Official Release Date: May 12, 2023.

Only This Far, the latest in The Rough & Tumble discography, is a collection of songs about acceptance of place and time. On the heels of We're Only Family If You Say So, the upcoming record is a display of forgiveness when none was asked for, and the way time may not heal wounds, but transforms them. As with previous releases, the record is a balance of upbeat, catchy earworms and heart twisting turns-of-phrase.

The full length 12-song album was recorded in East Nashville, TN with Dave Coleman. Players and specials guests feature Telisha & Doug Williams, Alice Wallace, Chris Benelli, & Zach Vinson.

Vinyl is printed with Kindercore in Athens, GA.