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Odds & Ends


For all of your decorative and noise making needs, you've got your pick!

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These little Turkish Map Fold Journals have 14 compartments for each day of your COVID19 quarantine. Fun to keep you from losing your mind!

At last, you can have The R&T-- or at least Puddle Dog-- accompany you on your car, guitar case, or where ever you find a spot. Trust us, we travel pretty easily. And we come inverted, too. $1

You can thank us or be angry with us, but we are supplying all of your noisemaking needs with The Rough & Tumble kazoos! Come on, you know you want to! Each kazoo also comes fully stocked with R&T songs, too. $3

You heard us. Have big dreams of starting a little nose flute band? Why not come supplied with official R&T nose flutes to really convince your friends you're serious? Instructions are printed on the bag... but we'd be happy to walk you through it. Come in purple, red, blue, and green. $3